100 restaurant design principles by Arthur Gao

By Arthur Gao

"Home layout combines the essence of structure and artwork, and architects do their top to discover the recent methods within the numerous contradictions and conflicts to completely show their figuring out of area and the vendors’ preliminary mind's eye. whilst, each one case outfitted continually includes many convinced or doubtful components that discuss with the furniture or maybe area composition. each one of those components turns out to inform a by no means finishing tale and documents people’s feeling of pleasure, confusion, recalling and longing.It is exactly due to those vibrant emotional reports that make domestic layout to be fascinating and attractive.In order to demonstrate the essence of every case in a extra exact manner, this publication has systematically deconstructed each element of the house layout that refers to area, constitution, interface, ornament in addition to distinct parts. all of the case is illustrated detailedly from the purpose of practical region, along with, descriptive textual content and the corresponding plan vividly recur the transformation from aircraft to area, from the summary to the intuition.Reading alongside the format of the publication, readers not just locate concept from the situations, but additionally might event the peculiarity of the house layout and luxuriate in the tactile sensation of the textured space."

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The owners of Ella wanted to create that level of intimacy at their restaurant. The 条形木制餐桌,从而形成店主意欲营造的“家宴”氛围。就餐者于此可以一边观看主厨制作的整 designers cleverly opened the kitchen to the dining area with two large communal tables forming 个流程,一边品尝主厨们的烹饪杰作。 the table d'hôte area. Diners can experience the thrill of watching the chefs at work, and taste the 3. 埃拉餐厅&酒吧设计的目的是创建一个体现“粗糙奢华” 风格的品牌,从而彰显出优雅、轻松 results of their culinary efforts. 的新时代生活格调。“粗糙奢华”与时下流行的“纯粹之感” 异曲同工,都是以朴素、简约的设 3. The design objective for Ella’s is: create a brand that embodies the principles of "Rustic Luxury", 计手法营造出看似未经打磨、实则品质考究的环境。“粗糙奢华”强调天然材料的美感以及内在 and that celebrates an elegant, relaxed contemporary lifestyle.

2 临,并在倒影池上投下壮美的身影。餐厅门与墙面上镶嵌的纤维板 与丝绒家具一同营造出一个高贵而热情的就餐氛围。 3. 这一装潢精美、气氛融洽的餐厅是将传统风格与时尚元素完美 结合的典范。 4. 锡塔尔琴、长笛这样的乐器为照明装置的独特设计提供了灵感 源泉,并为这些普通的装置增添了些许文学色彩。 3 4 061 5 6 5. In this harmonious space, the shirt-sleeve modernism perfectly combines with the regional adornment. 6. Lighting design contributes to a "flowing" space. 7. The national characteristics of adornment element with the dining repast area give the space its unique artistic personality. 8. Inspired by the vibrant colours and traditions of India, the restaurant’s decor reflects a celebration of Indian cuisine.

3. The lounge area consists of individual green islands, allowing for varied seating 1 6 configurations. Although it was planned to appeal to the typical inner-city Happy Hour constituent, the lounge has evolved into a terrain for baby carriages and 2 4 5 crawling toddlers. Within the city, it has become an oasis for young parents. The highlight of the restaurant is the floating to-go-counter, which merges into the lounge bar, which in turn merges into the water plant panorama. 不可拆分的家具专为Nat. Fine Bio Food餐厅而设计,并巧妙地将餐厅空间划分成三个不 3 同的区域: 1.

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