1000 best poker strategies and secrets by Susie Isaacs

By Susie Isaacs

Secrets and techniques and techniques from a back-to-back global sequence of Poker girls championship winner.

summary: secrets and techniques and techniques from a back-to-back global sequence of Poker women championship winner

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53. All tournaments will have the juice built in for the house. It will start at $1 and go higher, depending on the event. This money goes to pay the casino’s expenses for hosting the tournament. LIMIT TEXAS HOLD’EM 37 54. The smaller buy-in tournaments are so popular that they will often sell out. If you have your heart set on participating, I suggest you arrive at least an hour early to sign up. You can also call the casino and ask them if they expect to sell out and if so, how early you should arrive to assure yourself a seat.

River: The last card dealt in most games. Rock: An ultraconservative player who plays only premium hands. Rolled up: In stud games when a player is dealt three of a kind in his first three cards. 18 1000 BEST POKER STRATEGIES AND SECRETS Runner: When the next card drawn is the perfect card to fit your hand. Rush: When a player wins an unlikely number of pots in a relatively short period of time. Sandbag: To slow-play a hand. Scare Card: A card that appears to hurt the strength of your hand by making your opponent’s hand stronger.

Quads: Four of a kind. GLOSSARY 17 Rag: A card that is of no value to a player’s hand. Rainbow: A sequence of cards in different suits. Example: If the flop comes 3♠-7♥-Q♣, you have a rainbow flop. Railbird: Viewers who watch poker competition from the rail, which is actually a rail, a rope, or a half wall surrounding a poker area. Rake: The amount of money the house (casino, card club, or home game) takes from each poker pot to pay the expenses. Raise: To bet an additional amount after someone has bet.

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