500 Cryptic Clues by June Scott

By June Scott

500 Cryptic Clues is the suitable ebook for all crossword solvers and puzzle fans. June Scott has compiled lists of cryptic clues (usually in simple terms present in crossword grids) and demanding situations her readers to resolve them. With its distinctive record kind structure, and thematically grouped clues, 500 Cryptic Clues will problem puzzlers to enhance their cryptic clue abilities whereas having fun with fixing the puzzles. Pocket-sized, it is a excellent and weird e-book for visitors, commuters and somebody who enjoys fixing cryptic clues and be aware puzzles.

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5. A drink or two on the quiet. 6. Not tens and units. 7. First start with senior citizen. 8. Aden kebabs! 9. Expired railway. 10. Would it be consumed in this palace? 11. One hundred pies. 12. On and on with me in the middle. 13. Detectives show reluctance. 14. Toss a French wolf. 15. Cite such basic loot! 16. Lady doctors might eat this? 17. Question the family. 18. Flatter. 19. Egyptian sun-god might enjoy this. 20. Not a long type of beard. 21. Trims. 22. Sounds like story in instalments. 23.

Arrange sails in destiny. 4. Expert article. 5. Caustic, but lacking information. 6. Sailing ship with cargo of sherry. 7. Travels forwards or backwards equally well. 8. Gone out with everyone in. 9. Go along with an old disturbance. 10. Rubbish. 11. Right towards the stern. 12. AB out! 13. Small parcel. 14. Advance payment to soldier on board. 15. Torch vessel. 16. Stick about zero. 17. Push houseboat. 18. Include right/left in stormy water. 19. Set afloat. 20. Died, in what manner? 21. Skim. 22.

In comparison. 16. First read over my exam. 17. High hotel. 18. Confer knighthood first class. 19. Love upsets an electrical unit. 20. Contest with backward girl. 21. With thanks to the manservant. 22. Aaaabbddis! 23. Four wheeled covered carriage. 24. Remain with the royal navy. 25. Somehow hide fifty in centre. CLOTHES 1. Regular and symmetrical. 2. This item sounds unnecessary. 3. Blows. 4. Go fast on snow. Right! 5. Where to locate someone without advertising. 6. Trip / error. 7. Above a hundred have cereal.

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