500 Eye Makeup Design by Kendra Stanton

By Kendra Stanton

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And you get to sleep in your own bed that same night. This is, for most of us humans, a great selling point. At this point, you have seen your doctor and have gone to a specialist (possibly several for a second or third opinion). You have explored the possibility of outpatient medical treatment or same-day surgery. With any luck, everything has been ironed out. However, if those second and third opinions jibe with the original diagnosis and if the treatment for your ailment isn't a same-day procedure, you must consider a hospital stay.

Although there are some inferior doctors who somehow manage to become board-certified, and there are some excellent doctors without board certification, board certification is a good sign that the person is up-to-date on the procedures, theories and success/failure rate in this speciality. Don't be afraid to ask your doctor to recommend two or three board-certified specialists. That gives you an option you might find useful. If you're in a managed-care program and are not satisfied with the list of specialists available, call the company's representative and negotiate going out of their system.

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