A Roman Centurion by Stewart Ross

By Stewart Ross

Describes the constitution of the Roman military and the daily lifetime of a soldier, his education, guns, self-discipline, campaigns, and lifestyles in retirement.

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Attacked over the frontiers. D. 476, Rome was captured by ferocious barbarians, called Goths. With the end itself The army became weaker. The Romans never had a good cavalry, of the and the organized world of the centurion was to legionaries found it difficult deal with the skilled horsemen who now empire, the well- for ever. attacked them. Fewer and fewer Roman joined the army. D. D. 476. * M /f $\ifii r -i r t t^ftfU Glossary Barbarians The description given by the Romans to those people living outside their empire.

D. There were other rewards for cen- turions. After a victory, they given honor money and wine. The were it turions, were in disgrace for the rest of their army careers. greatest was a take part in a victory procession in Rome. The victorious legions marched through Opposite the streets displaying the things they Here, a centurion had captured. Crowds cheered and by his legatus. 26 the legion. a unit had deserted in was decimated. This meant that one man in ten was executed. The choice was random.

A man who Gladiator its soldier's A soldier of the own governor. position in the who had joined the army. Superstitious Believing magic. Vanguard The Roman just in luck or front section of an army. 31 Index Armor Money Colchester 12 13 26 Cuirass 13 Auxiliaries 16 Religion 21 Barbarians Emperors 6, 13, 30, 31 Reward and 7 punishments 26 Baths 20 Marcus Favonius Food and drink 18-19 Facilis, Camp prefect 6, Camps 12, 7 7, appointment of 8 recruitment into 10 Roman Hypercaust 18 Rome 5 empire 5 end of 30 12 Imperial bodyguard clothes of 19 7 Jerusalem 24 9 Sports 20 Standard bearers 9 pay of 26 life Latin 10-11 of 18-21 position in the legion 7, responsibilies of 14, 17, 9 Legatus 6 Legions 6-7 Training 14-15, 19 Yinewood punishment 22-23 retirement 28 Chariot races 20-21 Cohorts Sieges 24, 25 Silver spear 26, 27 education and training of personal improtance of 6 Greaves 13 Goths 30 Centurions armor of Roman army privileges of 10 16-17,20 Catapults 11,24,25 Centuries 12 6-7, 9 Marriage 29 Medical treatment 16 Mithras 21 sticks 9, 13 Weapons 13, 14 Picture acknowledgments The pictures in this book were supplied by the following: The British Tourist Authority 20, 26, 29; The Colchester and Essex Museum/Woodmansterne (Howard Moore) 12; The Grosvenor Museum, Chester 23; The Mansell Collection 6, 14, 21; The Museum of London 18 (all pictures); Ronald Rheridan 25.

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