A Textbook of Strength of Materials (In S.I. Units) by R. K. Bansal

By R. K. Bansal

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Mln . ,541 . 118-119;SR,~,432-433;Str . ,308. 627. );H~lzel,45. 622·Pov. Tab. 375. ). ,372. ,1971,§§,24-30;LF, ~ o Ca3Cr2(S104h (Mg,Alh53u(Fe,Cuh 2«Fe,Cu)S) . S3«Mg,Al)(OHh) [(OHhS21 Pb5(V04hCI CuU0 2(OH)4 NaeMg(S04)4 TIHgSb4S7 FeeS~016S AgsPbeBI136Jo CaB202(0H)4 LiAlSI20e Na3(Ce,La,Nd) (P04h UVAROVITE VALLERIITE VANADINITE VANDENBRANDEITE VANTHOFmE VAUGHANITE VERSILIAITE VIKINGITE VIMSITE VIRGILITE VITUSITE - (C8) (U,Ca,ce~2~ Mon . P21/C N8e'~~·' Mon . B2Im ... Orth . Pbam {300}[Li'Sh A1'Os· VjDY Hex .

1963,33,563-580. REFERENCES ...... 2 S5 [~I JASKOLSKIITE JEREMEJEVITE Mn~04(OH)e JAROSEWICHITE (Ca ,Nah(Be ,AI)Sb (O ,OHh Pb 4FeSbeS14 JAMESONITE JEFFREYITE CaeSI207(0H) e JAFFEITE If l(Sb,B Mon. C2Ic (Na ,Ca,Fe)IOJ (Sc ,Mg,Fet f1oolrS j,10~lClC Hex . m Orth. Pbnm... Orth. 8 Orth. Pbnm Orth. C222... Mon. P21/a p! 1 MnguSi410 1e(OHhl n AIe~u (Ca,Nah iOI {200}[ (Be,AliSbt (O,OHhl [S141# Pb4",oJFe, uJSbe' ~'J Trig . Mon . C2Ic Na,oJ(A1,Fe)" (l oo}[Sl2tOslClC Na(AI ,Fe)Si20 e (Cu,Feh'~JPlhl"oJ JADEITE Orth .

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