Active Terahertz Metamaterial for Biomedical Applications by Balamati Choudhury, Arya Menon, Rakesh Mohan Jha

By Balamati Choudhury, Arya Menon, Rakesh Mohan Jha

This e-book describes a metamaterial-based energetic absorber for power biomedical engineering purposes. Terahertz (THz) spectroscopy is a vital instrument for imaging within the box of biomedical engineering, as a result non-invasive, non-ionizing nature of terahertz radiation coupled with its propagation features in water, which permits the operator to procure high-contrast photographs of epidermis cancers, burns, and so forth. with no dangerous results. which will faucet this large strength, it is very important construct hugely effective biomedical imaging structures through introducing terahertz absorbers into biomedical detectors. the largest problem confronted within the fulfilment of this goal is the inability of evidently taking place dielectrics, that is triumph over with using artificially engineered resonant fabrics, viz. metamaterials. This e-book describes this type of metamaterial-based lively absorber. The layout has been optimized utilizing particle swarm optimization (PSO), finally leading to an ultra-thin lively terahertz absorber. The absorber exhibits close to cohesion absorption for a tuning variety of terahertz (THz) application.

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25 GHz respectively constituent elements change in the terahertz regime. Further, thickness of the substrate obtained through direct scaling may not be sufficient enough to minimize reflection. 59 μm. Also, polyimide and gold were chosen as the dielectric and the metal respectively since the usage of these materials in the terahertz regime have been well documented. 59 THz were observed. 28 %, respectively (Fig. 17). 3 Methodology 27 Fig. 4 Development of PSO-Based Computational Engine From the previous sections, it is clear that the working of absorbers can be explained theoretically.

However, design equations for metamaterial absorbers are not reported in the literature. Further, it is seen that addition of layers to metamaterials shifts the initial resonant frequency, a shift that cannot be predicted by equations. Therefore, EM simulations are essential to metamaterial absorber design. These simulations are carried out manually, in an iterative manner with the aim to optimize absorption at a particular frequency. The human effort can be reduced if a computer is instructed to perform the same functions that a designer would perform manually.

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