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Scan traffic using the most recently installed SME B. drop all packets destined for that SME C. print a syslog message indicating that failure of the SME build D. pass traffic packets destined for that SME without scanning them Answer: D Explanation: Cisco IOS IPS uses signature microengines (SMEs) to load the SDF and scan signatures. Signatures contained within the SDF are handled by a variety of SMEs. The SDF typically contains signature definitions for multiple engines. The SME typically corresponds to the protocol in which the signature occurs and looks for malicious activity in that protocol.

Answer: C Explanation: Cisco IPS maintains a list of all the trusted hosts it communicates with, including blocking devices, TLS/SSL servers, and external products such as Cisco Security Agent MC. This list contains the digital certificates of the trusted systems used by IPS to establish secure connections. As part of the Cisco Security Agent/IPS interface configuration the system running Cisco Security Agent MC needs to be added as a trusted host. In the process of adding the system the IPS retrieves the digital certificate of the Cisco Security Agent MC and displays its fingerprint, which is then presented to the administrator for approval.

Application inspection E. Static NAT Answer: E Explanation: Static NAT is used to map a single inside global IP address to a single inside local IP address. Usually the inside IP address is one from the RFC 1918 address space and the outside IP address is an Internet routable address. IP addresses must be assigned to interfaces on the router that will be participating in NAT. You must be in global configuration mode in order to configure NAT. The command to use is ip nat inside source static local-ip global-ip.

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