Advances in Measurement Systems by Milind Kr Sharma (Editor)

By Milind Kr Sharma (Editor)

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2005) developed a new algorithm named trapezoidal phase-shifting algorithm. The Camera advantage of this algorithm is that it processes the phase by intensity ratio instead of arctpixel angent function, thus significantly improves the processing speed (more than 4 times faster). A However, the drawback of this algorithm is that the defocusing of the system will introduce error, albeit to a less degree. This is certainly not desirable. Because the sinusoidal fringe Projector patterns are not very sensitive to defocusing problems, we applied the same processing algopixel rithm to sinusoidal fringe, the purpose is to maintain the advantage of processing speed while Camera alleviate the defocusing problem, this new algorithm is called fast three-step phase-shifting alimage Baseline gorithm (Huang & Zhang, 2006).

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