Albanian etymological dictionary by Vladimir Orel

By Vladimir Orel

This quantity is a brand new compendium of Albanian etymology tracing hundreds of thousands of recent Albanian phrases again to their origins. It comprises specified info at the Indo-European vocabulary preserved in Albanian in addition to on a variety of loanwords coming from historical Greek, Latin, early Romance and Slavic.

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38). 0 PoxoRNY 1160; TRUBAeEV ESSJa II 111-112; DEMIRAJ AE 105. blej aor. bleva 'to buy'. Borrowed from Rom *ablevare 'to lift up, to relieve (from)' (MEYER Wh. 39). 0 JOKL Studien 44 (divides blej into a prefix b- < mb- and a root identical with that of laj in its meaning `to pay'); TAGLIAVINI Dalmazia 84; BORGEAUD RRL 4 (1973) 327-331; HAMP St. albanica X/2 83-85; cABEJ St. I 71 (to Latv blenst 'to see badly; to look' and its other Baltic cognates), Etim. II 259-260. blertd adj. 'green'. There exists a derivationally more archaic variant Italo-Alb blere.

Ceka 'to touch'. A variant of cerk. The noun ceke 'intention, aim' is a deverbative. 0 CABEJ Etim. III 16-17 (onomatopoeia). cemte adj. 'cold (of water)'. Derived from cerme 'cold' (cABEJ Etim. III 18-19). cenis aor. cenita `to value'. , cf. in South Slavic: Bulg cen'a, SCr ceniti (JOKL Studien 103). 0 SKOK AArbSt II 343 n. 3 (identical with cmoj); CABEJ Etim. III 20 (follows JOKL). cep m, p1. cepe 'angle, edge'.

0 MEYER Wb. 54 (comparison with Slav *buky, *bukl, 'beech' which, however, is a Germanic loanword); BARK I 103 f. ); LA PIANA Studi I 102-103 (to Gk tpacyo; and Phryg Bayaioc); ACAREAN HAB I 483-484; MANN Language XXVI 387 (to OHG hunga lump'); POKORNY 1146-148; HAMP LB DC 117 (to the Indo-European name of 'beech' *bliagna); FRIEDRICH Trees 108; CAMAJ Alb. Worth. 118; POGHIRC 1st. limb. rom. II 3238; ROSETTI ILR I 274; HAMP LB XX/1-2 117 (from *bhag-n-); OREL ZIBalk XXIII 11 70; DEMIRAJ AE 112-113 (supports HAMP).

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