America and the Holy Land (With Eyes Toward Zion) by Moshe Davis

By Moshe Davis

The carrying on with dating among the US and the Holy Land has implications for American and Jewish background which expand past the historic narrative and interpretation. The devotion of american citizens of all faiths to the Holy Land extends into the non secular realm, and the Holy Land, in flip, penetrates American houses, styles of religion, and schooling. during this e-book Davis illuminates the interconnection of american citizens and the Holy Land in historic point of view, and delineates distinct components inherent during this courting: the position of Zion in American religious historical past, within the Christian religion, in Jewish culture and communal lifestyles, and the provoke of Biblical position names at the map of the United States in addition to American settlements and associations within the country of Israel. The e-book concludes with an annotated pick out bibliography of basic assets on the United States and the Holy Land.

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The fact that out of Zion have come forth literary figures, scholars, scientists, and artists has impelled an attitude of respect and appreciation for the language in which they live and create. HOLY LAND AS ZION The personal attitude of Americans to the Holy Land may be examined mainly in two historical categories, both of which go back to the early days of the American nation: literary records, essentially pilgrimage literature; and actual settlement by individuals and groups. 29 Written by scholar or novelist, missionary or tourist, who were for the most part Christian pilgrims inspired by religious doctrine or by stories heard at their mother's knee about Zion and Jerusalem, this literature takes on a variety of forms.

Dexter (New York: Scribners, 1901), 397: From my first accession to the Presidency 1777-17901 have obliged all the Freshmen to study Hebrew. This has proved very disagreeable to a number of students. This year I have determined to instruct only those who offer themselves voluntarily, and that at subsecivis horis only without omitting any of the three daily classical Recitations to their Tutor. Accordingly of 39 Fresh 22 have asked for Instruction in Heb. The Holy Land in American Spiritual History 35 and these Accordingly I teach at iv.

In 1875, New Jerusalem was founded in California. The selection of the title was made by Jewish settlers, according to one researcher, "[surely] because of the meaning this [Jerusalem] had for these pioneers in their own tradition. . " See L. and M. Davis, (see note 6 above). 8. Edward Robinson, Biblical Researches in Palestine, Mount Sinai and Arabia Petraea I (Boston: Crocker & Brewster, 1841), 46. Henry White Warren (1831-1912), a Methodist Episcopal clergyman, in his Sights and Insights, or Knowledge by Travel (New York: Nelson & Phillips, 1874), opened a chapter typically titled "Familiar Palestine" with the following lines: This is the first country where I have felt at home.

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