American Idioms and Some Phrases Just for Fun (ESL Series) by Edward Swick

By Edward Swick

ESL scholars taking intermediate-level classes will locate this publication a worthwhile complement to their school room textbook. simply as vital, they are going to see it as a competent consultant to the intricacies of idiomatic American English. Why, in any case, should still a newcomer to the English language be anticipated to make feel out of such words as get at the ball...make a beeline...have a bone to choose? those and dozens extra words are defined, "translated" into extra formal English, and repeated in a number of contexts.

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He's having a hard time getting over her. They dated for two years. I just can't get over Grandmother's death. I loved her so much. 53 The Gift of Gab Use this idiom when you want to say that someone is a very talented speaker or has the ability to convince others of what he or she believes. Anna has the gift of gab. She was able to talk the policeman out of the traffic ticket. You should be a car salesman. You really have the gift of gab. 54 On the Go This phrase is usually used in place of busy and in a hurry.

75 To Lose One's Temper Use this expression when you want to say that someone is becoming angry. It suggests that the person's anger has developed suddenly. I hate it when Mom loses her temper and punishes us. James quickly lost his temper and began shouting at everyone. 76 To Have a Lump in One's Throat This phrase is used to say that someone feels great sadness or emotion that causes a tightness in the throat. Often, tears well up in the eyes at the same time. I read the last several pages of Anne Frank's diary with a lump in my throat.

Use this simple question to ask in very broad terms what someone is doing now or has planned for later, or to question why someone has summoned you. Hi, Tom. You look rather busy. What's up? I hurried right over after I got your phone call. What's up? To Take Forty Winks This is a synonym for to take a nap. I'm really tired. I need to take forty winks.

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