American National Standard Programming Language FORTRAN by American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

By American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

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The length of a character substring is e2 - e1 + 1. 2 Substring Expression A substring expression may be any integer expression. A substring expression may contain array element references and function references. 6) prohibits certain side effects. In particular, evaluation of a function must not alter the value of any other expression within the same substring name. 9-1978 6. EXPRESSIONS This section describes the formation, interpretation, and evaluation rules for arithmetic, character, relational, and logical expressions.

1 Data Type of a Constant The form of the string representing a constant specifies both its value and data type. 6) allows a constant to be given a symbolic name. The symbolic name of a constant must not be used to form part of another constant. 2 Blanks in Constants Blank characters occurring in a constant, except in a character constant, have no effect on the value of the constant. 3 Arithmetic Constants Integer, real, double precision, and complex constants are arithmetic constants. 1 Signs of Constants An unsigned constant is a constant without a leading sign.

For real, double precision, and integer data, the value zero is considered neither positive nor negative. The value of a signed zero is the same as the value of an unsigned zero. 2 Constants A constant is an arithmetic constant, logical constant, or character constant. The value of a constant does not change. Within an executable program, all constants that have the same form have the same value. 1 Data Type of a Constant The form of the string representing a constant specifies both its value and data type.

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