American Story: The Real Story of the Real America from Its by Garet Garrett

By Garet Garrett

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America's Environmental Report Card: Are We Making the Grade?

Whereas the data provided the following will not be "new news," lots of attention-grabbing proof are made on hand, together with the breakdown of water utilization within the U. S. An dazzling forty-one. 2% of all water utilization is attributed to bathroom flushing! !! additionally incorporated within the water bankruptcy is an inventory of man-made chemical substances in our water offer, and from which industries they arrive.

America's Battalion: Marines in the First Gulf War

Oral heritage via Marines who fought to disencumber Kuwait from Saddam Hussein's invading forces. America's Battalion tells the studies of 1 unit, the third Battalion, third Marines, in the course of Operation barren region Storm—the first Gulf struggle. development from interviews with the participants of the batallion, Otto Lehrack examines the character of conflict within the Persian Gulf.

American Perceptions of Immigrant and Invasive Species: Strangers on the Land

Occasionally accidentally and infrequently on function, people have transported crops and animals to new habitats worldwide. Arriving in ever-increasing numbers to American soil, contemporary invaders have competed with, preyed on, hybridized with, and carried ailments to local species, remodeling our ecosystems and developing nervousness between environmentalists and most of the people.

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Therefore, he declared, the Americans were neutral, and issued a proclamation accordingly. The effect of his action was threefold. War with Great Britain was averted for the time being, the French were very mad, but at the same time it was as if the American Hag had been rent. The people divided three ways. There was a peace party, represented by Washington; a pro-British party, which was largely New England, and a pro-French party, calling itself the republicans, led by Thomas Jefferson, who was Secretary of State.

But the popular vote was startling. In the electoral college he was the high candidate, but wanted a majority, so that the House of Representatives had to decide it, and there he was beaten by a political cabal. John Quincy Adams of Massachusetts got it. Massachusetts again. Until then Jackson probably had no great passion for the office of President. a fighting matter; and then he went in pursuit of it as once he had pursued the Creek Indians. Adams ran for re-election. It was the first dirty campaign in the history of American politics-the people against the aristocrats-and before it was over the possibilities of print- THE AMERICAN STORY able invective had been exhausted.

You may say he was a natural manifestation of the frontier. So he was; but so was Clay of Kentucky at the same time. It was more than that. In his ways of thinking and feeling, in his visceral fearlessness, in his emotional exaggerations, in what he liked and what he hated, Jackson was the frontier. He held the people in his hand. His power of destruction was tremendous-if he had been destructive. The saving fact was an integrity of character so innocent and deep that he could be moved only by conviction.

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