America's Road to Socialism. Six Lectures Given at the Los by James P. Cannon

By James P. Cannon

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America's Environmental Report Card: Are We Making the Grade?

Whereas the knowledge awarded the following will not be "new news," lots of fascinating evidence are made to be had, together with the breakdown of water utilization within the U. S. An unbelievable forty-one. 2% of all water utilization is attributed to bathroom flushing! !! additionally incorporated within the water bankruptcy is an inventory of man-made chemical compounds in our water offer, and from which industries they arrive.

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Olutionis ts pushi n~ it to the leit. -'nd in thi. rke ...... h~ for the 6 ... e the Aaeriean worktr. Wlilies _ 1~lr ...... '«G"nt _ tllM! ary Man, ist Parly . hld! forlO .. -hich h .. theorizfld it ~ bf,(GI"t it bef.... ,Id of work. It 11'111 ~ome. ia. tbt. _ panding ~tllatIGII. what i. Hid i. the aerlptura. p. lre of the work_ -"[$' movement in the pre~ent. It begins with. 1 development, and assemble. ita p reU minary cadl'''' on that hasis. This theoretical und",rstand. v_ inr froni It, are the eondition.

Solved in a thorough .. going manner by the Civil War of the Sixties, whi~h wa~ also a Mdal ,",volutian, and a mo~t benelleent 0 ..... , too. After Mme preliminary polit .. leal fumbling and military In .. "e part of gen .. eral. '. "evolution, guaranteed the national unity of tlte stale. under one federal government and extendd its domain from border to border and from eout 10 etlaat.. ThU$ the political p~requi5ile lor the unharnpe"red development of the entire eontinent IS one ec0nomic unit,w&!

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