America's stolen narrative : from Washington and Madison to by Robert Parry

By Robert Parry

Investigative reporter Robert Parry reframes key chapters of yank historical past via exploring earlier occasions that also force the U.S. political narrative from why the Framers junked the Articles of Confederation in prefer of the structure, to how the fashionable Republican social gathering embraced a win-at-all-cost ethos, to why the Democrats draw back from the labor of responsibility. the US S STOLEN NARRATIVE takes you on a trip from the USA s founding and the plotting of George Washington and James Madison to Richard Nixon s sabotage of Lyndon Johnson s Vietnam peace talks, directly to the Watergate scandal (showing how these darkish chapters have been particularly one non-stop storyline). The ebook then explores the political deceptions that surrounded the presidencies of Ronald Reagan and the 2 George timber and explains how that fake heritage entrapped Barack Obama

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Finally, we found a spot on the Mall almost to 14 Street. 8 million people who filled the blocks upon blocks west from the Capitol, which looked rather tiny from our perspective about a mile away. Our view of the Inauguration came mostly via the Jumbotrons that were spaced along the edges of the Mall. Despite the freezing temperatures and the transportation woes – not to mention the devastated economy and the two unfinished wars that George W. Bush was leaving behind – the crowd was remarkably friendly and upbeat.

Revere activated his plan to have two lanterns placed in the North Church steeple while he navigated his own escape from Boston over the Charles River and then by horse inland. The patriots’ warning system proved successful. Alerted by Revere and Dawes, other riders set off across the New England countryside. Even though Revere was briefly captured by one of Gage’s roving teams, any British hope for surprise was gone by the time the Redcoats reached Lexington early on April 19. Hancock and Adams had already fled.

14 in which Madison envisioned major construction projects under the powers granted by the Commerce Clause. “[T]he union will be daily facilitated by new improvements,” Madison wrote. “Roads will everywhere be shortened, and kept in better order; accommodations for travelers will be multiplied and meliorated; an interior navigation on our eastern side will be opened throughout, or nearly throughout the whole extent of the Thirteen States. ” What Madison is also demonstrating in that essay is a core reality about the Founders – that, by and large, they were practical men seeking to build a strong and unified nation.

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