Among Righteous Men: A Tale of Vigilantes and Vindication in by Matthew Shaer

By Matthew Shaer

Inside the hidden international of Hasidic Jews in Brooklyn's Crown Heights--a close-knit yet divided community.

On a chilly evening in December, the participants of a Hasidic anti-crime patrol known as the Shomrim are summoned to a yeshiva dormitory in Crown Heights. There to damage up a brawl, the Shomrim as an alternative locate themselves embroiled in a non secular schism which has cut up the group and grew to become roommate opposed to roommate, neighbor opposed to neighbor. on the heart of the hurricane is Aron Hershkop, the landlord of an auto-repair company and the chief of the Shomrim. Hershkop watches because the NYPD builds a legal case opposed to his brothers and buddies, it seems that with assistance from a number of neighborhood citizens, who've taken the infrequent step of forgoing a ruling from the neighborhood rabbinical council. quickly, either side are squaring off in a Brooklyn legal courtroom, with the Shomrim dealing with gang attack fees and a long time in felony. What clash may perhaps run so deep it left each side airing their soiled laundry so publicly? This compelling tale takes you to the inner most corners of a mostly hidden world.

  • Features fast paced writing and a real tale with impressive twists, own conflicts, and a stressful trial
  • Offers a glimpse in a usually sheltered and personal neighborhood many see, yet few comprehend a lot approximately.
  • Centers on an strange guy dealing with a common clash: do you do what’s uncomplicated and expedient, or do you do stick with our middle, your culture, and your faith?

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Okay,” Moses said. ” And then, on the morning of Tuesday, January 22, 2008, in they came, sullenly walking single file off Utica and through the scarred metal doors, a late holiday present for the 7-7. They might as well have been wrapped in big red bows. Gadi Hershkop, Ben Lifshitz, Nussi Slater, Schneur Pinson, and Chaim Hershkop. Yehuda Hershkop, who was out of town, showed up the week after that. One by one, Officer Brian Duffy read them their rights, and put each man under arrest. indd 32 07/07/11 3:48 PM AMONG RIGHTEOUS MEN 33 Later, the Hershkop brothers would blame Duffy for actively participating in what they considered a wide-ranging conspiracy to put the Shomrim permanently out of business.

A guy named Gurfinkel, the brother of the resident of Room 107, had been swung around like a piñata; a guy named Shatz—aka the Hasidic Spider-Man, the one who had booked out the window as soon as he heard the sirens on the Parkway—had been strangled; Braunstein had been punched, and Schneur Rotem had nearly been trampled to death. Duffy had limited experience with the Shomrim. Bourdon, a detective, would have understood a little more. He would have known that the Shomrim served as intermediaries between the police and the Jewish residents of Crown Heights, who often spoke broken English and weren’t always wild about going to the police with their problems.

C” is a shit show, a place like Brownsville, where half of the population is cooped up in multistory projects and bodies accumulate at an alarming rate. “A” is a bedroom community in New Jersey. The place a certain kind of cop pines for. Where the worst you had to deal with was a flat tire and a fistfight at the local watering hole. Where you could doze off in your squad car, watching YouTube clips on your cityowned Dell laptop. ” The criminals were exceptionally bold back then, thinking nothing of popping off on Eastern Parkway in the middle of the day; the murder rate was high.

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